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Wendy and Jacob; Going above and beyond for a deserving couple.

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

In general I am a sucker for a love story, I guess that explains why I am in the wedding industry. My first question to any of my couples is how they met, I get a variety of stories ranging from classes in college to at a bar on Valentines day. I met Wendy and Jacob in December of 2019, I asked them that oh so important question.

I will never forget, Wendy and Jacob looked at each other and started telling be about their past. When they met Wendy and Jacob lived in Nevada, and they'd both given up on finding someone or ever getting married. The fact that they were only in their mid thirties, and found the love they no longer believed in, really touched me.

Both sets of parents were elated when Jacob proposed, Wendy's father joked that he never thought she would walk down the aisle. At least I think it was a joke... Later, the couple moved to Texas and started the planning process, that of course is where I came in!

Wendy had a lot on her plate so Jacob was taking the lead on planning and on top of that they were a very laid back couple! With two months to the wedding, we still had a few things that needed to be done, we had to book the DJ, an officiant and a florist? Nope.

Wendy and Jacob had a very straight forward plan; no décor, just the place settings and table cloths that are provided by the venue. Their friends and family were coming from out of town and wouldn't be able to decorate for them and a florist was going to be impractical. The only floral they wanted was going to be for Wendy, with a lack of bridesmaids and groomsmen they didn't need additional arrangements, boutonnieres or bouquets.

The one item Wendy and Jacob were excited to include was a donut, coffee, and hot chocolate bar! This was going to be a pre-ceremony treat for all of their guest while Wendy and Jacob finished their photos. After setting it up on the day of their wedding, I can say the hot chocolate bar was such a great idea and needless to say a hit!

The more I interacted with Wendy and Jacob the more I realized how lucky I was to be able to be in the space of these two amazing and giving people! It was inspiring to see how much they loved one another, during our final planning meeting Jacob planned long entrance for Wendy. It was supposed to take her out the front door, around all of the outside decks of the mansion, then down the aisle to meet him. It was a long walk but Jacob wanted everyone to see how beautiful his bride was and for her to have her moment.

When the day of their wedding came we quickly realized that Wendy's grand promenade entrance was not going to be able to happen because Texas decided to give the gift of rain. That is the way it goes in Texas, our weather can change at moments notice and I always create a Plan B. We had their ceremony in the Barr Mansion ballroom, under a beautiful door archway with the flowing fig vines as their back drop. Wendy's dad drove her around to the back of the ballroom where he was able to walk his daughter down the aisle to the first lines of Sweet Child O' Mine.

Wendy and Jacob are such kind people, they who give of themselves to who ever and what ever needs them. When it came to their reception I wanted give back to them by designing and decorating the ball room as a gift! They let me know they weren't a fan of flowers, liked gold but over all they just wanted there reception to look simple and clean. I kept the design simple with tons of candles, some crystals, mirrors and rosemary. The sweet heart table was framed by the grotto and was more than deserved by this couple.

My goal every wedding is for my couples to leave happy, not worry about the details and put it all on me. I was glad to be able to tell Jacob every time she said he forgot to do something that I'd taken care of it for them.

While the wedding day did not include the long walk or the outdoor ceremony we planned, Wendy and Jacob had a day where they were surrounded by love. I can not say how glad I was able to help these two down the aisle, their story and their wedding will be with me for a very long time.

If you take anything from this it is:

1. We all deserve someone who would map out then physically walk your coordinator through grand promenade just because they want the world to see you shine.

2. If you are still single, like myself, Wendy and Jacob are the perfect example of why you should keep searching for your person. Seeing how happy they were on their wedding day still brings me to tears and gives me hope that I'll have a day like theirs one day.

3. Hire a coordinator for your wedding. Shameless professional plug? Maybe, but when it comes to your wedding day your focus should be walking down the aisle, not what to do if it rains or the rings go missing.

Thank you to Wendy and Jacob for allowing me to be a small part of their day!

A special thank you to our hardworking vendors

Venue: Barr Mansion

Photographer: Brio Photography

Entertainment: DJ Nixx Entertainment

Officiant: Janelle with Standing Ovation

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