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Disco and Daisy chains: 70's Boho Spring Styled Shoot!

When we sat down with Party at the Moontower to come up with this concept we knew we had full use of a grand outdoor space, we wanted a 70's theme, we had to have disco balls and Dominique, our owner, wanted to create a literal daisy chain.

We partnered with one of our favorite photographers and an amazing cake shop come in to create the beautiful and delicious treats for our cake table!

We just love the way this came together!


We wanted a picnic vibe, so we set traditional harvest tables low to the ground and gave each of our prospective guests a vibrant cushion to sit on. With the help of Table Manners we were able to set our tables for 12 for a close and cozy small wedding vibe. It was very important to us to make sure we could replicate this set up for larger weddings with out compromising the look or the quality and had plenty of room at Distribution hall to accommodate your guests!


We were so excited to be able to use Party at the Moontower's newly painted triangle wedding arch. In keeping with our theme we decided to use over sized Gerbera daisies and hung a disco ball with its own flower crown. This would make a perfect back drop for any couple!

The Dessert Table:

We created our own version of the Viennese table that is popular in other parts of the country, to say this was our favorite part is an under statement! We love dessert and these treats not only looked amazing but tasted phenomenal!!! We gave Lera at Sprinkled with Joy very minimal instruction; we wanted colorful and fun. This spread of desserts accomplished that, she even found rainbow chocolate chips, I mean how awesome can you get?! We filled the table in with pounds of 70's inspired candies to complete this look!

Seating Sections:

We created two different areas that tie together and tie to the theme. We decided to repurpose some of our pieces from ceremony and dinner and even in the middle of the day the disco balls are adding some flair to the seating areas. We absolutely loved how these came together.

Thank you to our appreciative to everyone who helped us make this come together.

Photography: Brio Photography

Dinner ware: Table Manners TX

Coordination: Dominique at PHOX events

We didn't use a florist for this shoot but are more than happy to share our ideas with any florist you choose.

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