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Our Beginnings

Phox events began in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic.

It was our desire to  help clients still feel special on their day, in the midst of additional stress and adhering to the ever changing rule and regulations.  

We believed those clients deserved to feel cared for and important in spite of the of the chaos in the world.

Today we are wedding planners and Coordinators who believe your engagement should be as enjoyable as your wedding day!

We know things are not always simple in the planning process but we believe it is our job to make things as simple and straight forward as possible.

From Coordination to Full service planning, our clients have access to our network of vendors and a planner who will be your wedding partner, advocate and hopefully your friend.

Our Approach

Your Wedding day starts at "I Will"

The moment you say yes to the ring the memories you will take into your wedding day begins.

Engagement should be a wonderful time in your life but it can be stressful to add a new skill set to your already busy life! 

As much as we know you will love your wedding day, we want you to enjoy your engagement.  Our PHOX couples are able to have a calm, fun engagements that fit into their busy lives!

We work with you to make sure we understand the full vision, and plan your journey.  We work on the monotonous details from balancing the budget to ordering the right size linens.  We make the requests, and work on the contracts so you can enjoy tastings and floral appointments.

Often we finish the big decisions and many of the small details early.  

PHOX clients have been known to travel, take on new work projects, move states and even have babies knowing their wedding is handled.

We pride ourselves on planning that is simple, straight forward and based on your personality.

We can't wait to plan your "I Do" with you!

What We Do


We mix years of industry knowledge, with your vision, our design and the best vendors in the area!

In our first meeting we go over and break down your budget.  Whether you have booked your vendors or are newly engaged.  We plan out the next steps and how quickly we would like to get them done.

We plan your vendor meetings around your schedule and fill in the details of the day as we go.  

We stay on top of your vendor requirements and ensure that every detail is planned and has been communicated.

As a result, vendors arrive on time, know the job they are going to do and are ready to party with you!

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Meet your Team

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Lead Planner

Dominique Oxner

I began in my career in weddings in 2015 as a floral assistant.  I learned so much working in floral, from how to balance colors with in a design to flower names.

Yes ranunculus is a real word and they are gorgeous flowers!

I developed my planning strategies while working for venue and finally founded PHOX Events.


Wedding Coordinator

Mandi Mcmillan

Mandi began her wedding career in 2020 when she decided to get her coordination certification.

She has worked in wedding floral and thanks to her experience, Mandi is a master of the finer details. Trust her to bring all of your ideas together and create a stunning, cohesive event.

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Event Manager

Crystal Stowell

Crystal has been planning events for her community for decades.  We met her at her best friends wedding.  She was maid of honor extraordinaire, her focus was making the brides day amazing.

Crystal now helps with all of our events, she works on the back end to update all documents and work hand in hand with your vendors.

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Product Manager

Kirstie Geren

A show designer with a wealth of experience, Kirstie’s expertise lies in her exceptional ability to manage event logistics flawlessly while maintaining a broad perspective on your wedding day.

Kirstie fell for the wedding industry while planning her own wedding. She joined the PHOX team after hiring us to coordinate her 2023 wedding. She has loved learning about all of the ins and outs of every wedding!

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